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Metta Bhavana

I used to attend the London Buddhist Centre for mindfulness meditation. There is breathing meditation, and metta bhavanna - or "loving kindness".

A very short summary of
In the Metta Bhavana practice we’re cultivating love, or friendliness, or lovingkindness.
The practice is in five stages. We cultivate Metta for:

A good friend
A “neutral” person — someone we don’t have any strong feelings for
A “difficult” person — someone we have conflicts with or feelings of ill will towards
All sentient beings (ambitious, huh!)

The "chant" I use in my head is
May I be well, May I be happy, May I make progress. May I be free from suffering. 

of course replacing "I" with whoever is in the current phase.

I have been looking for an audio recording which roughly matches the meditation sessions I have partiticpated in. this one sounds good.