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Birthdate:Mar 15
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Please note that my friends list will grow and be deleted seemingly at random. In fact this is related to how well I can cope with LJ and how introverted I am at the time. If you are chopped off, or can't comment then it doesnt mean anything specifically about you and does not mean I dont want to hear about your life or communicate with you. I do!

Techie, Londoner. I work in IT for financial companies including Banks, Hedge Funds, and Insurance Companies. I have also worked for Electronic publishers, and even a manufacturer of real goods with factories and everything. If you have Java web related work then give me a shout.

If you are on my friends list then you should be able to see my contact details

I use LinkedIn for work networking and if you have worked with me in real life then please invite me to connect. On LinkedIn I don't connect to friends I know - even if I like them - unless there is some connection to the technical work I do.

I have also been a member of which I stopped using when they started to charge. I do NOT use other networking systems such as P.l.a.x.o and will not respond to connection requests through those systems.

I have recently started to use Facebook too but I limit my connections to friends I know in real life. If I dont add you then dont worry about it. Nothing much interesting happens there anyway. Feel free to remind me about when and where we met.

I have a FlickR account for photos.

I do have a facebook account but I only use it for Scrabulous. I am happy to be invited to play one-on-one by any one I know in real life. Please don't be offended if I don't connect to you.
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